Why Adam Ebbin Is Wrong About Ken Cuccinelli & Net Neutrality

Del. Adam Ebbin (D) is no fan of Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R).

We previously covered how Delegate Adam Ebbin wrongly criticized AG Cuccinelli over his EPA lawsuit. Del. Ebbin said “The EPA’s efforts to combat global warming will help Virginia protect its coastlines from rising sea levels.”

Except NOTHING could be further from the truth. In fact, sea levels have fallen about 19 inches over the last 1,000 years. We have also shown that some scientists believe that there are other scientists doctoring the data over sea levels.

Del. Ebbin has also said the following about Ken Cuccinelli’s EPA lawsuit:

Scientific research has shown that carbon dioxide is a key contributor to the recent increase in global temperatures.

Again, NOTHING could be further from the truth.

There are over 31,000 scientists across the globe that would disagree with that statement. Many of the scientists are PHD’s and who initially believed in man-made global warming like Delegate Ebbin does, and all of them signed a petition stating that they do not believe in man-made global warming. In fact, the home page of the petition states they believe such control of greenhouse gas emissions would harm the planet. Not to mention the fact that although there may have been increases in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere over the last decase or so, global temperatures have not increased as Adam Ebbin claims.

So Friday, Adam Ebbin went bananas over Ken Cuccinelli’s planned lawsuit vs. the FCC. Delegate Ebbin said (emphasis mine):

Late last year, President Obama’s appointees to the Federal Communications Commission adopted a set of clear, common sense “net neutrality” guidelines designed to preserve the Internet as an open resource for future generations. These guidelines would increase competition, prevent censorship and protect consumers.

So it’s no surprise that Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli wants to overturn them.

Ken Cuccinelli is an embarrassment to our Commonwealth. His extremist campaigns against clean air, against a woman’s right to choose, against union workers and against net neutrality are not what the people of Virginia want or need from their Attorney General.

That’s why Adam Ebbin filed a bill to prevent Cuccinelli from filing these sorts of damaging, pointless lawsuits. Northern Virginians need a Senator who will hold the line against Cuccinelli’s abuses in Richmond.

Just who is Ken Cuccinelli ‘abusing’?

The 10th Amendment to the Consitution states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

The mission statement of the Virginia Office of the Attorney General (AG) states that the AG is to “defend the laws of the Commonwealth when they are challenged on constitutional grounds.”

What is ‘Net Neutrality?’ Jim Lakely at Big Government writes:

Proponents of net neutrality claim that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) abuse their position as “gatekeepers” to the Web, and the public needs government to establish strict “rules of the road” to protect us from their scheming. Trouble is, the evidence of abusive practices by ISPs is anecdotal and thinner than an iPod mini. The digital economy is currently so dynamic and cutthroat that free-market forces work quickly to correct any undesirable hiccups that arise — all without any micro-managing of the tech industry by government.

Net neutrality advocates insist we need government to preserve an “open” and “free” Internet and claim the market has failed. But they cannot point to any market failures that make the Internet less open or free. In short, the Internet isn’t broken. And it doesn’t need a government fix. No matter. The left presses ahead, because the facts are irrelevant. The goal is to put government in charge of digital policy, taking away your freedom as a consumer to shape the Internet with your own choices.

So let’s break down Adam Ebbin’s ‘net neutrality’ claim.

First, the FCC has absolutely no power to regulate the internet as a unanimous D.C. Circuit Court said. Yet, Julius Genachowski and his two fellow Commissioners went ahead anyway and declared themselves lords of the internet. So there’s one reason to sue the FCC on behalf of consumers. Does Adam Ebbin really think the Government, no matter which political party is in charge, wants an ‘open’ internet?

This is a classic example of how Adam Ebbin wants to use the power of the Government to take away your rights, your freedom, and your liberty. Like liberals in Washington, Adam Ebbin believes that Government knows what’s best for you.

Here’s a terrific video using President Barack Obama’s own words on why ‘Net Neutrality’ is a bad idea.

Don’t the people of the 30th district in Alexandria deserve a State Senator that tells the truth and is not a partisan hack and full of rhetoric? Yes we do.

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